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Design Consultation

Please ‘REPLY ALL’ when responding, so that our Design Department gets all of the relevant information needed to design a great wrap for you!

How it works:

  • You send us all of the artwork, desired wording, and ideas that we need to get a direction for the design.
  •  Our Design Department will communicate you through email to fine tune the design, based on your initial input.
  •  We will generate up to SEVEN (7) design mock-ups (including any logo design), which are renderings of what the truck or trailer will look like, once the wrap is installed. This is so that we can fine tune the design, based on your initial input. More than seven (7) design change requests (including logo design) may incur an additional charge.
  •  It is your responsibility to make sure any and all wording is spelled correctly. While it is rare, occasionally we do not catch a misspelled word. Once you approve the design, and we print it, any errors that the customer approved will incur an additional charge to the customer to fix.
  •  When you are happy with the design, you must inform us via email that the design is ‘APPROVED FOR PRINT’.
  • According to the installation schedule, we then print the design on high-quality wrap material, allow it to dry, cut it, laminate it, and prepare it for installation.
  •  We install your design on the truck or trailer, in accordance with top industry standards.

What We Need from You:

  • Any and all vector design files available, including logos, etc…
  •  Any wording you want on the wrap, including websites, addresses, phone numbers, social media tags, QR codes, etc..
  •  Your ideas for the direction of the design. Something that is really helpful in most cases, is to Google similar food trucks, and send us links to images of the ones you like.

What We Do Not Do:

  • Poor-quality imagery: We are more than happy to use the artwork that you provide to us, so long as it is in a usable format. We cannot use images that are low quality, very low resolution, etc. It may look okay on your phone, but when we blow it up to use on a wrap, it will look horrible.
  • 3D/CAD Image Design: We are unable to generate 3-dimensional images, or ‘rotate’ an image on any axis. This is beyond the scope of what we offer. If you want a very specific image like this, please seek out a logo designer prior to sending us your artwork.

Commercial Vehicle Wraps Begin Here

Thank you for considering Foxy Wraps for all your commercial and fleet vehicle wrap needs! Whether you want to advertise your business or enhance your fleet’s professional image, our expert team is ready to deliver exceptional, consistent results. Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly!


What is a wrap exactly?

Wraps are essentially large stickers made of 3M printed vinyl with a pressure-sensitive, repositionable adhesive. This unique material allows for adjustments during application without causing damage. With the ability to conform and comply, the wrap stretches and shrinks around complex curves, and applying a little heat enhances its capabilities even further.

Will it damage my factory paint?

No, on the contrary, the 3ml thick laminate of the wrap actually adds a layer of protection against stone chips and other hazards. When you’re ready to remove the wrap, simply start at an edge and work it off, leaving behind little to no residue.

What is the warranty?

Our products are backed by 3M’s 5 Year Limited Warranty against fading, cracking, and peeling. With proper care, it can last even longer. Additionally, if Foxy Wraps installs the wrap for you, we provide a 2-year installation warranty.

What if I damage part of the wrap?

Unlike paint or airbrush work, damaged sections of the wrap can be seamlessly replaced with partial panels. We keep all the necessary files and can provide replacements at a discounted rate.

I don't see my vehicle on the site.

Due to the wide range of vehicle models and trim kits available, we have used generic images to showcase our designs. Rest assured, we have templates and kits for almost any vehicle on the market. Challenge us, and we’ll rise to the occasion.

I want one now, how long does it take?

The timeline for each process can vary, but stock designs with minimal changes typically take 5-7 days, while fully customized wraps from scratch may take 10-14 days.